Saturday, May 15, 2010

An Urban Hike

Since the weather has turned for the better this week in Calgary I decided to take the girls for a city hike. There is an amazing amount of hiking available right in the middle of Calgary. It turns out the the community quite near us called Silver Springs is named after an actual spring. I discovered this last week and hiked it with a friend. I knew the girls would like it so decided we should go. It turned into a long hike from the house (last week I drove to a park and hiked from there) but everyone did great. We brought along Emily's good friend Courtnie. Here are the girls walking along the escarpment (what is that anyway?? That's just what it was called on the internet hiking guide.)

The springs lead down to the Bow River. Everyone took off their shoes and played in the water and climbed all over the rocks. Snuggles had an especially good time as there were some other dogs down there and he went for a swim in the river. He was in Lab heaven.

Here's Olivia hanging out at the edge of the springs. She wasn't too interested in me taking her photo. She was just happy the the hike to the springs was over.

And here are Emily, Marcy and Courtnie where the springs comes out in a small waterfall. It really is amazing that we are a 5 minute drive from our house!!

Hopefully this spring weather holds on and we can find some more of these urban hikes to take. That's the hard part about moving so quickly - we're only just figuring this place out!!

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Sarah said...

That is so cool. Too bad you didn't know about it last week.