Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Last of London

Here are the last of the London photos. It's kind of a misc. mixture of the rest of our trip. On Friday afternoon we stopped by Trafalgar Square:
Bunches of kids managed to climb on the backs of the lions at Trafalgar Square. We couldn't figure out how they got up there. Frank helped boost the girls up in front of the lion which makes a great picture anyway!

After Trafalgar Square we went to St James Park in front of Buckingham Palace. We bought a Chelsea mini soccer ball on the way, played a bit of soccer, chased some pigeons, and then realized just how jet-lagged we were! Had to force everyone up before they fell asleep in the park.

One of our stops on the double decker bus was Westminster Abbey. We spent quite a bit of time here as they had a good audio tour and Marcy did a kids scavenger hunt tour - and got a giant chocolate coin at the end.

We also saw St Paul's Cathedral on Sat. (Had to get all the churches in on Sat since they are closed on Sun.) At St. Paul's we got there just in time to get to climb to the top. It was 500+ steps - you'll have to ask Olivia how many exactly, she counted. There were a couple stops along the way for views but still quite tiring. Luckily only the last bit of stairs were on these winding-type.

On Sat night we went to the musical Wicked. It was great and all the girls enjoyed it. And even though it was late they all stayed awake through the whole thing. Madeline was especially excited about dressing up for the event.

And that's the end of our London trip. It was such a quick trip but we had a great time. I'm sure we'll go back someday and I know the thing the girls will want to do again is go to Portobella Market in Notting Hill. I don't have pictures of that but this was their favorite thing. It's a dangerous thing to have four girls who all enjoy shopping!!

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