Saturday, May 8, 2010

London icons

We saw all the things you'd expect to see while traveling around in London. On Sat we rode around on the double decker, open top bus. It was a hop on, hop off ticket so we saw quite a bit of the city this way. We had the recorded commentary instead of live but it was still plenty informative. Here are Frank and Marcy enjoying the ride. It was a nice weather day on Sat!

We definitely looked like a bunch of tourists posing with the telephone booth. We were going to really make a spectacle of ourselves and get inside but Marcy, Emily and Olivia got inside and said it smelled like a latrine. Maybe it was used as a latrine? Staying outside was just fine.

What could be better than a photo with the local "bobbies" with Big Ben in the background? There were lots of police out in London because of parliament elections coming up and a big demonstration planned for Sat afternoon.

Here's everyone piled into a cab. We all fit in the back and of course the 3 youngest fought over who got to ride on the pull down seat facing backwards. We only ended up riding the "tube" once because with 6 people it was only a little more expensive to take a cab. (And required less walking to and from stations!)

I think I have only two more London posts. Stay tuned for the conclusion. Is this a little bit like people pulling out there vacation video and forcing everyone to watch??

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