Friday, May 7, 2010

London - Buckingham Palace

An obvious stop on the London tour is Buckingham Palace. We worked our plans on Sat around being there for the changing of the guard. Little did we know that we really needed to just devote our whole morning to holding a spot if we wanted to see anything. We only showed up 30 minutes early and the crowds were crazy. We did catch random soldiers marching and riding horses but have no idea what actually happened with the changing of the guard. Here are some of those marching soldiers:

I got this photo of Emily and Madeline with Frank while he was trying to give Emily a chance to see what was going on behind the fences. (She got sand in her eyes just as we arrived at Buckingham Palace so she REALLY couldn't see anything.)

We didn't get to see those silent, unmoving guards up close at the palace but we did find one at the Tower of London on Sunday morning. You can see that the day was cold, wet and windy but I convinced Emily and Olivia to stop as we raced for the exit for this photo. (Not a great photo since I was trying to hold an umbrella which was being blown inside out at the time!)

Thankfully we stopped at Buckingham Palace on Friday afternoon when things were much less chaotic and you could actually see the buliding. Everyone was much happier at this visit than the one the next day!

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