Wednesday, May 5, 2010

It's May 5th!!!

The past two days have been cold and snowy and more is coming through tomorrow. Here's how things looked this morning:

On the way to school this morning (which took 1 hour 40 minutes round trip) Marcy and I decided that the trouble might be the decoration in our 2nd floor windows. This is a close-up of those windows:

The girls made these snow flakes and we hung them in the windows before Christmas. They have made good winter decorations but more importantly they have been a distinguishing feature for the house. Our house is pretty drab and boring. In fact, if it weren't for the neighbor's hockey net I'd easily drive past our house on a regular basis. Our house number is hard to find as it's on a pole by the front door so I always tell people coming to the house that it's the one with the snowflakes. But, maybe it's just one more weather jinx so today I'll take them down and see if the weather improves.


Sarah said...

Happy Cinco de Mayo! I hope the weather improves in the next 3 days.

redis93 said...

I guess S & A should pack the ski eqmt!!