Thursday, May 6, 2010

London - Part 1 of ????

We went to London this weekend to see the, really to see Frank. He had to go to London to deal with his Kazakh work visa. Since he couldn't make it to Calgary we met him there. It was a quick trip - we arrived Fri 1pm and left Mon 1pm but we did alot while we were there. I have lots of pictures to share so I'm not sure how many postings it will take!

Here we are outside the flat we rented on Glouchester Terrace near Hyde Park. It was a bit small and Frank and I slept in the hallway a couple nights in order to accomodate jet-lagged children, but we weren't there much so it was okay.

Events are a bit out of order here but we went to see Fulham FC vs West Ham on Sun afternoon. The stadium is called Craven Cottage and is 100+ years old. It was cold and rainy on Sunday but we survived and enjoyed seeing a win. Walking to the stadium from the Fulham store (where we proved ourselves instant fans and bought a little of everything) one of the girls spied this car parked in a driveway. Couldn't resist snapping a picture of ND around the world!

More to come! Stay tuned for further London postings.

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