Sunday, May 23, 2010

Long Weekend

Monday is Victoria Day in Canada so we have a long weekend. The main thing on the calendar for the weekend is Emily's soccer tournament here in Calgary. She had three games yesterday and a team party which made for a long day. She has one more game today. So far they have won all their games and are in first place but the last game today could be for the title and it's against the Calgary West rival club - the Blizzards!
I love to watch Emily's team play. They play in the top division for Under 10 girls and are consistently number 1 or 2. They play/practice 3-4 times a week so it's pretty serious stuff at this age. But she loves it and it's great for me!!

Yesterday Emily got to play against her good friend Beth from school. They normally play in different divisions but for this tournament there was just one division. Emily's team won 2-0 but it was the best game of the day. Emily and Beth got to go up against each other a few times. Emily was happy that one time she beat Beth, one time Beth beat her and the other times it was a tie. They play with each other all the time at recess so I think this was fun for them. Here are two pictures I caught of them together during the game. As it turns out they are both #3.

Victoria weekend is supposed to be a big camping weekend for Calgarians but I guess traditionally the weather turns cold every year. This year was no exception. It was about 35 degrees for the morning game. Everyone was bundled up in coats, toques, and mitts (that would be hats and gloves.) Luckily someone brought hot coffee and someone else brought Bailey's. Got to love Canadians who never forget the booze!! By the afternoon it warmed up to about 50 degrees. Still cold to me but Marcy had a great time making dandelion bouquets with some other siblings.

And while all this soccer was going on Olivia went to a movie with friends by herself and then went to a Chinese zither concert with her friend Mirabelle from Irish Dance. Mirabelle's mom is the zither instructor and organizer of the concert and Mirabelle played. Olivia wore one of Mirabelle's Chinese dresses but she had already changed by the time I found her. Olivia and Mirabelle really like each other because they are the same age, same size and both wear glasses (but Mirabelle took hers off for the concert.)

I'll post again with the tournament results. I'm really hoping Emily's team wins. They always seem to end up in 2nd or 3rd place in these tournaments. They deserve a win!

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