Wednesday, July 10, 2013

It's all about me (and London theater)!

Frank had a business trip to London at the end of June and several months back he asked if I would like to go with him. I jumped on that very fast!  Frank decided since on most trips I take the photos, that this trip he would take photos all about me.  So we begin at the theater in London.

I arrived in London while Frank was still working.  I got there just in time to get to the hotel, take a quick shower and take the tube to the Globe Theater to catch some true English Shakespeare.  Unfortunately, the afternoon showing of Midsummer Night's Dream was sold out.  After wandering the theater where I was allowed without a ticket I decided to head to the Tate Modern next door, but found a woman outside selling one standing room only ticket for 5 pounds.  I was in!  The show was 3 hours long which was a long time to stand (in the sun, a lady in front of me fainted) but well worth it.

The Globe Theater

One of the nights Frank and I decided to see a musical in the theater district.  While Frank worked some more I walked through London to the discount ticket area and chose tickets to Mamma Mia! Frank was not too sure of this, as he would have preferred Les Miserable.  But, I wanted something more upbeat and I had never even seen the movie and he ended up loving it (as did I.)  Who can't love all those ABBA songs?

(These are all iPhone photos so not the best quality.)  Now on to the next topic....

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