Wednesday, July 10, 2013

It's all about me (and the canals)!

After being in Amsterdam I am upset that we never made it to Venice on all our trips to Italy.  Venice is famous for it's canals but I can't imagine they have more there than in Amsterdam and I had no clue that Amsterdam had so many.  Why didn't I know that?

We took a canal boat tour when we arrived.  It took us around the city from the middle to the edges and back again in about an hour (the canals go in circles around the city.)  We saw all the highlights of city and got the lay of the land (or the water, I guess.)

Tour boat
(very low so it can get under all the bridges)

Houses along the canal
All very old and sometimes not very straight
It would be very cool to live in one

The guide pointed out this house to us -
skinniest on one the canal, only 5 feet wide
(it's that middle strip of windows)

Another way to live on the canal - houseboats
This is the most expensive property in Amsterdam, for real!
They look cramped and likely mildewy to me

And here's a nice view down a canal

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