Wednesday, July 10, 2013

It's all about me (and pubs)!

This whole picture taking thing started with Frank wanting to take my picture in front of all the pubs we visited.  We visited alot between the two cities, but I'll have you know I drank water in many of them.

London Pubs
These are Frank's favorites that he visits when he is there
The Lamb and Flag and Pontefract Castle

At the pub before the musical I found this great tourism magazine
The London Drinker

We hit lots of pubs in Amsterdam.  Some just for a drink, some for a beer with the locals, some for excitement.  Here are some just for beer photos (but sometimes I'm holding Frank's beer because I was drinking water!)

At one pub we met a local guy who started asking about our trip.  He started chatting and ended up telling us about his trip from Amsterdam to South Africa in a caravan (he was in a bright orange 1964 VW Bug) of Dutch soccer fans going to the World Cup.  They got the whole thing sponsored and got to see every game. They stopped in places like Libya and Egypt and Ethiopia and Kenya.  Amazing!  Here he is next to me, before we started chatting:

At another pub we were chatting again with a local man and next thing we know a man comes running at full speed from a side street heading across the canal bridge with others in pursuit.  Everyone was yelling and it was obvious that he had stolen something.  The man we were chatting with jumped up and took off after him.  The thief turned the corner and jumped into the canal (brrrrr!) and our man jumped into a boat tied up next to the canal and dragged him out.  What a hero - Frank bought him a beer!  Here he is next to me in the plaid shirt:

You get the best experiences when you stop for a beer!

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