Wednesday, July 10, 2013

It's all about me (and libraries)!

Frank read online that one of the top attractions in Amsterdam is the national library.  Couldn't miss that right?  It's definitely something Frank did not visit on any previous trips.  We ate lunch at the cafe on the top (7th) floor and enjoyed the views, then wandered the library a bit.  It was extremely nice and modern but no gift shop so I could bring home a library t-shirt.

Views from the top

(This is the science museum called The Nemo)

Frank found this chair in the kids section that he swears is better than his recliner
(I guess it's not all about me)

This is not the only library we saw.  The Rijks museum has it's own library, actually open to the public, which contains archival books mostly on the topics of art production and strangely, cooking and recipes.  It was one of the stops on our audiotour of the museum.

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