Saturday, January 14, 2012

Christmas concerts

Once again this year we had the traditional Christmas concerts at school.  I was quite impressed with the overall presentation that the new music teacher worked out.  What I liked best is that both concerts were held at the school.  The acoustics were not great but it was much more convenient then driving somewhere else in the city.

Olivia's music class - bad lighting

Marcy and her 9 year old class

Emily and the Spanish students
(In this one she is just pretending to play the trumpet)

Emily took up trumpet lessons for after school activities for the 6 weeks before Christmas.  She was supposed to be having flute lessons but came home with a trumpet instead.  I wasn't very enthusiastic about that but she actually plays very well.  She and Marcy got to perform in an instrumental piece during the concert.  Marcy worked very hard on her recorder, going to school early for more than 2 weeks so she could be in this performance.  Here's a video of their performance (again, bad acoustics.)

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