Saturday, January 14, 2012

Let's Go Mavs!!

The Mavs have not been put in the greatest spot to defend their first National Championship.  The season almost didn't happen, they lost a few key players, new players are trying to find their role, and all the players seem a bit out of shape.  But, I was very happy to be home to use our share of season tickets for 2 games.  Mary and I went to a pre-season game and had a good time checking out the resemblances of players to various career paths (put Brian Cardinal in a suit and he's a mortgage banker), celebrities (I swear Beaubois looks like Don Cheadle) and mascots (Delonte West is the Mavs Man.)  Emily and I went to see the Toronto game.

That was fun as well but we were disappointed that no one would throw her a t-shirt and we only got on the big screen once from behind.  It's great to sit on the floor because you get to see the stars up close.

Like Dirk...

or Chloe Kardashian
(she seemed to be the one everyone really wanted to see!)

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