Saturday, January 14, 2012

Prospero Ano y Feliz Edad!

Ahhh...what a better way to spend the New Year than in Playa del Carmen with friends.  Another part of our trip home that we were really looking forward to was a few nights in Mexico.  After a bit if a scare about getting our passports back from the Kazakhstan Embassy in time, we made it there and had a great time.  (Although, we did not get any sleep.  Our condo was just down from an intersection with a bar on each corner.  They played competing dance music every night from 10pm until 4am, except on New Years Eve when it finally ended at about 7am!)  We did lots of stuff:

Burying people in the sand
(mostly Olivia)

Playing in the waves

a game of beach soccer

collecting really cool shells

eating ice cream
(and hanging out with Beth and the rest of the Parkers)

getting hair braided 

Thanks to the Parkers for inviting us along and including us in all their activities.  We felt like honorary Canadians once again.  And Emily relished all the fun time spent with Beth - we have to keep these visits up for their sake.

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