Saturday, January 14, 2012

1st Annual Family Soup Contest

Theme: Tortilla Soup

We had a bunch of left over chicken and condiments from our Christmas Eve fajita dinner.  I told Mary that I had a good recipe for tortilla soup and she said her friend Rachel had a good recipe for tortilla soup and when we told Sarah she said she would find a good recipe for tortilla soup.  And the contest was on!  We chose the afternoon of the ND Bowl game.  Our bowls of soup were much better than the ND Bowl game.

Here are the "contestants":

And the judges (Rachel was there to try her own soup):

Based on the judges outright selections, Mary (with her modified Rachel recipe) won.  Based on a point system implemented by Chris, Mary and Sarah tied with 7 points each.  You can see in both cases I did not win.  BUT, after a poll of all consumers of the soups I received the the Children's Choice Award.  My recipe is not very spicy.  Regardless, I thought it was lots of fun and I didn't have real expectations of winning (not within my family - I definitely the cooking black sheep of the family.)  Can't wait for next year's contest.  What should the theme be - chili? tomato? potato?

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