Saturday, January 14, 2012

Christmas Craft

After being bashed by my own daughter and then having it outed on my sister's blog I decided to get my children together for a little family Christmas crafting project.  Truthfully, I found this project in a magazine long before Christmas, tore it out, saved it, and then brought it all the way to Dallas from Kazakhstan.  So, I wasn't only motivated by the negative press.  We made Christmas plates using stencils and spray paint.  It certainly wasn't all happy, perfect family time; there was screaming and crying and mistakes and impatience but here is the result of our efforts.

Madeline's is the purple-ish one in lower right one and the picture does not do it justice.  She tried to use lace but it didn't work so she ended up scratching a pattern into the plate with a pencil and then spraying with blue paint.  It was very cool!

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