Friday, December 2, 2011

Creative Energy

A couple weeks ago there was a power outage at the school.  Since it was cold and there was no way to serve lunch they cancelled school on that Friday.  Bonus long weekend for the kids!  I went to Russian lessons in the morning as usual.  Part way through I get a call from Emily asking if she and Marcy can do "arts and crafts".  I said fine as long as they clean up the mess.  Then she called back again asking for tape.  Then she called again to ask if she could use a random bag of "stuff" she found with the art supplies.  I knew which bag she meant.  It was a bag of metallic and non-metallic items that I used long ago at a Brownie meeting to demonstrate magnetism.  There was stuff in there like nails and screws, hair clips, plastic o-rings from curtains, unused cabinet safety latches, and much other random stuff.  I wondered what creation they would come up with that I would have to keep around for a while and then find the chance to throw away.  But, they surprised me with a homemade nativity scene.  Those who know me well know I've collected them for a long time (since age 7!)  They made the whole thing using tape which wasn't holding together too well so tonight Emily and I took it apart and hot glued everything back together.  They were both extremely creative in using all that random stuff and this one definitely rivals other homemade nativities - it might even beat the beer can, wine cork nativity.  See what you think!

A close-up of the Holy Family

Two kings and the shephard

The two-legged donkey and sitting sheep
(with 3rd king in the background)

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