Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Welcome to Almaty

We safely arrived! I discovered that Blogger is blocked in Kazakhstan. Apparently someone posted some negative opinions about Kazakh government and they cut the site off. I tried to access via proxy but can't post there. So, have to use Frank's computer for blogging from now on.
We arrived early Sunday morning, tried to sleep, failed, hung around, napped, then headed out to eat and explore a bit. We went to an area called Kok-Tube where they have a cable car to the top of a small mountain, a luge ride, animals, and carnival games. We ate at Noodles where you can get noodles from all over the world (except alot were not available - apparently a typical occurence at restaurants.) We made it through the evening and are almost over jetlag now. Our last couple days have been organizational in nature and will continue to be. Testing tomorrow and school starts on Thurs. I'm ready for them to be off and not yelling MOM! through this big empty house where everything echoes. Enjoy the photos and I'll post again soon!
This is Almaty in Russian

Here are the girls with Ivan, our driver, on the cable car

A view of Almaty from the top
(not cloudy, that's pollution!)
Riding the luge built into the side of the mountain

Final note: We had nice hot sunny weather on Sunday and then my weather jinx kicked in. It rained all day on Mon (first real rain since June) and today it was relatively cool, maybe 65. I bring it where ever I go.

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