Tuesday, August 17, 2010

And she's off!!

Yesterday we moved Madeline into the dorm at Hockaday. It felt alot like moving her off to college with new bedding and lists of what she still needs and fitting everything into one small dresser and closet. But, her room is alot nicer than any dorm room I ever had and the housekeeping chart was surely not something any college dorm room would have. She will be "graded" on such things as bed made, dirty laundry only in a hamper, clothes neatly hung and shoes neatly organized in the closet, desk and dresser tops kept free of clutter, all food items securely stored in covered bins, no dirty dishes left in the room, books and paper put away or neatly organized on the desk. This will be much tougher than anything she ever had to do at home!! Here she is on her neatly made bed which will have to stay this way:

We were all anxious to meet her room mate. She is Fangfei Li (pronounced Fong-fay but she said call her Fay.) She comes from Beijing and is at Hockaday for a one year exchange program. While I have felt bad about leaving Madeline at boarding school I realize that she will have it pretty good. We are here for most of her first week, we'll be visiting Dallas, she'll come to Kazakhstan, Christmas will be spent together, and she has family and a house around the corner. Fay got here two days ago with two suitcases, will stay with a host family for all school breaks and won't see her family again until May. I think Madeline will be okay.

Frank worried about her all night and called first thing this morning to see how things went. She was racing off to cheerleading and didn't have time to chit chat. I think she is pretty unconcerned about making us feel comfortable with the whole thing!! She did say she's going to have a hard time getting used to sleeping in a twin bed. It's a tough life.

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