Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Happy Birthday to me!

Today is my 41st birthday. I won't try to hide my age since it is clearly displayed on the cake photos below! About a week ago I bought a kids cooking magazine at the grocery store. We've actually made a few things already and the recipes are quite good. They had a "Candy Land" cake that Olivia marked as something she wanted to make. I said, "Absolutely not!" So, guess what I got for birthday cake? Wowa (my mom) took the girls shopping for ingredients, helped them mix the batter and icing, and then oversaw the decorating (the most difficult part because even though I begged for my birthday that they cooperate with each other there was still fighting.) As long as I didn't have to be in charge I was all right with a cake of this magnitude. Here are the bakers/decorators:
And a close-up of the Candy Land creation (includes starbursts, candy canes, dots, m&ms, tootsie pops, marshmallows, peppermints, reese's cups, ice cream cones, lots of sprinkles and icing):

The Rehagens came over for cake which was served late to accomodate Emily's soccer camp. So, she went home with three kids on a sugar high at 9:30pm. Sorry!

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Carla said...

Happy Birthday Bernie!