Friday, August 6, 2010

FC Dallas

FC Dallas (Dallas' Major League Soccer team) played UEFA champs Inter Milan last night in an exhibition game. I knew about it all summer and really wanted to go. I finally bought tickets yesterday afternoon. Olivia didn't want to go and Marcy didn't want to miss golf lessons so I took Madeline and Emily. It was HOT - 102 degrees at kickoff at 8pm! But, it was fun and the game ended in a 2-2 tie which was a great result for Dallas.

Our seats we in the bleachers directly behind the FC Dallas fan club which included drums and chanting and flags waving and standing for the entire game. This was fun for a bit but Emily couldn't see too well and it was hot - we just wanted to sit. Here's what our section looked like after Dallas' first goal. It pretty much looked this way the whole game minus the fireworks.
The FC Dallas mascot (whose name is Hooper) came over to visit the rowdy section during halftime so Emily went to meet him. She had to fight off a bunch of enthusiatic adults to get her photo taken.

At the end of the game the whole team came by the rowdy section and gave high 5s to the fans lined up along the wall. Emily raced down there and squeezed herself in to get the high 5s. She said that was cool except the players hands were sweaty.

Emily has a Kenny Cooper FC Dallas jersey from last summer. He doesn't play for the team right now as he is on loan to a European team. But, he is a local boy (Jesuit grad) and the guy who teaches my bootcamp class is Cooper's friend from high school. He said he would get Emily an autograph the next time he sees him. She would be so excited! I ended up buying tickets to Sunday's game as we were leaving the stadium so that Emily could go again and Marcy could get to a game. Should have gone earlier in the summer as well.

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