Sunday, August 8, 2010

Spectator sport

For the past two years I have been coaching Marcy's soccer team. That means during games I'm coaching all the players and not necessarily always paying attention just to Marcy and certainly not taking pictures of her during the game. Last week at church some family friends invited her to play on their indoor team for the few weeks we are still here in Dallas. It was nice to just watch her and I got to take photos. Here she is in action:

Here's Marcy with Abigail and Maeve. She knew them both from preschool and, since it's a small world anywhere you go, they are also cousins whose grandparents live across the street from us. So, we see them when we are home during breaks.

And now for the truth: I like being coach. Marcy didn't want to listen to a word I had to say about the game. I wasn't the coach and I was just supposed sit there and watch and not tell her what to do. But, she started out the first game playing like she was embarrassed to be out there. I had to say something!!

Since there's been alot of soccer watching the past few days, here's a photo from this evenings FC Dallas game that I took Marcy and Emily to. It was a little nicer than Thurs - only 96 at kickoff. FC Dallas won 3-1. Philadelphia played most of the game down a man as the goalie got a red card and was ejected early in the first half. Certainly the first time I ever saw a goalie get a red card. We stayed after the game to get some autographs which is why Emily is trying to show the back of her shirt which she got signed.

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