Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What you didn't see!

It seems like spring break was forever ago already! I posted plenty about our stay in Dallas but we also had a 5 day ski vacation before we got there. Part of that included a day of skiing at Lake Louise and a stay at the Fairmont Hotel on the lake with skating and afternoon tea the next day.

Madeline, Olivia and I went for afternoon tea at the hotel. It's my 3rd or 4th time to have tea at the Fairmont and it's always enjoyable. It's the inspiration for my mini-chopped fruit salad and has incredible scones and a mango-cilantro sandwich. Yum! Here are Madeline and Olivia with their tea service:

Emily and Marcy brought along their skates so they could skate on the actual frozen lake. We had planned on renting skates for the rest of us but because of warm weather the rental shop at the hotel was not open. But, the ice was still plenty frozen and Emily and Marcy played a game of soccer-hockey (we had a puck but no sticks) with Frank and I:

And here are some views of the lake and the hotel:

I love the two week spring break. We got two vacations in one! We'll definitely miss that next year.

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