Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Fun - No Mess

We had a great Easter weekend which involved going to someone else's house for all the festivities. Not planned but a great way to do things. Today we woke up to see what that Easter Bunny had left us, went to mass, and then headed to the Rehagens (Mary Ann and Gary) who graciuosly invited our family to a fish fry. Inviting our family meant they had 10 members of their immediate family and an extra 10 members of the Holland family. We can quickly double the size of any party. The girls got their 3rd egg hunt so they have massive amounts of candy!

Egg hunt #1 was Saturday at the Ryan's house (Becky and Phil) and was a Ryan/Holland family egg hunt which really included the Schwarz/Holub/Rehagen/Mount families. They had an overabundance of eggs so once again we benefited from someone else's generosity and the use of someone else's home. Luckily the Ryan side of the party has just as many members as the Holland side so we didn't so much overwhelm as match up!

Here are all the kids - post egg hunt:

And lastly in the theme of benefitting from someone else's generosity - Sarah nicely had Emily and Marcy over to dye eggs and Olivia dyed eggs at the Schwarz' house. I wasn't planning to dye eggs regardless but felt alot less guilty about it since they did it elsewhere.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to my mess free weekend!!

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