Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Mavs Game #2

Olivia got to go to tonight's basketball game. Excitement all around!!
#1 - It was Dirk Nowitzki bobble head night. You can not imagine the crowd already lined up when we arrived at 5:45pm - 1 hour 45 minutes early! Luckily we had the good seats and got to go in the special platinum entrance. We came home with two of these obviously valuable bobble heads.

#2 - At halftime I left to go to the washroom (as we say in Canada) and I told Olivia to jump around and get on TV while I was gone. Dutifully, Olivia did just that. Apparently a cameraman came to her and said there was a commercial break but when they went live again she would be on TV so jump around, laugh, clap, etc. Luckily the lady behind us took a picture for me and emailed it. Did anyone out there see Olivia on TV??
#3 - They were throwing t-shirts out to the crowd. The Mavs horse mascot, Champ, gave one to a referee to throw out. He gestured that he was looking for a small person, spied Olivia jumping around, and threw it right to her. She made a nice catch that everyone around complimented her on.

#4 - The Mavs won! I'm thinking this might be the first win that we have witnessed from these seats. I made Olivia hold up her Mavs sign before the game just like at the Rangers game. She might have some lucky thing going.

A great evening that I know Olivia will remember for a long time.

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