Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bargain Day at the Ballpark

Thought I ought to post one more time before we head off to Calgary tomorrow. The forecast there calls for up to 10 cm of snow overnight and tomorrow. (Sigh) At least it didn't snow here in Dallas this visit!

We had to get in one more Rangers game before we headed out so we went to today's afternoon game against Seattle. Another win for the Rangers! And what a bargain for us. We bought the family pack tickets which included - ticket (lower left outfield), hotdog, drink, and $5 in game tokens for the kids fun park (or whatever it's called.) All for $20 a ticket. Plus it was dollar ice cream Sunday AND free Ian Kinsler cap day. Added bonus that Pop-Pop and Mimi joined us and the Rehagens. Here's at least most of the crew:

We had a great visit in Dallas. Olivia asked why we can't just stay and live here again. Always a tough question to answer but at least they all know where home is!

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