Thursday, April 22, 2010


Marcy had her Sparks advancement ceremony last night. Sparks is the first level of Girl Guides in Canada, equivalent to Daisy Scouts in the US. Now she is officially a Brownie - in Canada and the US. Now we just have to see whether she can be a Brownie in Kazakhstan. Apparently they have had scouts in Almaty in the past but I'm not sure it is active now. After 10 years of being a Girl Guide/Girl Scout leader I'm kind of wanting a break but since Marcy and Emily both want to do scouts next year I'm betting I'll be roped into leading again. Scouts has been the one consistent activity across all our moves - essentially the same no matter where we live - so it is hard not to help make it possible.

Here's Marcy with her Brownie Buddy after receiving her pins:

And here are all the 2nd year girls who are moving on to Brownies next year. Our unit is half 1st year and half 2nd year Sparks. We actually have 22 girls in our unit!

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