Sunday, February 5, 2012

Disco Fever

Emily attended the AIS middle school Valentine's Dance on Friday.  If you haven't seen the photo posted on Facebook then you can check it out here.  (I did not take this photo!  I did not even look into the cafeteria where the dance was taking place.  The photo was taken by the sister of her dance partner and posted by the sister's friend.  Emily is friend's with these girls because she is in their math class and they played soccer together.)

Emily and Philip
(and he's Canadian!)
Frank was pretty happy with the distance maintained.  Most stunned may be Madeline who is constantly telling Emily that she should dress nicer and pay more attention to how she looks instead of being a tom-boy all the time.  But, maybe at this age the boys feel more comfortable with a girl who can compete on the soccer field.

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