Monday, February 27, 2012

Can you feel the Pride?

Madeline's Pride cheer team competed in the NCA Championships this weekend so I came to Dallas for the weekend to watch.  They have been working very hard over the the past 2 months to get ready.  Unfortunately, the team did not place well and I can't figure out exactly how they score these things.  They seemed to do really well in comparison to the other teams but there must be more to it than I know.  Anyway, Madeline was disappointed but she performed very well personally and now she can look forward to trying out for TCU cheer!

Madeline with "poof" and performance makeup

During performance:

Madeline and Austin with the cows outside the Convention Center:

There are lots of crazy, enthusiastic cheer parents out there and as you can imagine most of them are moms but I could resist getting of photo of this dedicated dad.  But, notice he's keeping himself occupied with his phone:

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