Monday, February 27, 2012

Almaty's Got Talent

Because Frank and I were going to be out of town separately over the next month we realized that we wouldn't all be together again until Spring Break mid-March.  So, we had a family night at home last weekend. Marcy planned a talent show and we all had to sign up for a time slot (Olivia was let off the hook - her talent was working on the science fair in her room.)

Marcy performed a dance choreographed by her and her friends for PE class and she gave an ice skating info session/demonstration.

Frank did a juggling demonstration with the help of Chinook who put Frank's skills to the test by trying to steal the golf balls while he juggled.

I performed the only demonstrable talent that I have and gave a dramatic reading of "If You Give Cat a Cookie" (I think that is the right one!)

Emily gave a soccer info session/demonstration and played "Oh, Canada" on the trumpet.  Frank was patriotic and stood for the anthem (and was even wearing his Canada shirt) but that just messed Emily up.  It's hard to play the trumpet if you are laughing.

To finish off the event there was an open dance party.  We are all open for talent bookings should you need entertainers for your next event!

Correction:  Emily has informed me that I read the book "If You Give a Cat a Cupcake." The cookie one features a mouse.  She was appalled that a librarian could make such a mistake, but truthfully, I believe those titles have been over done. My apologies, none the less.

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