Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Once again this year we were away during Halloween festivities.  (Even though Halloween was on Monday and we were home on Monday but there are no Halloween purists in Almaty so trick-or-treat took place on Sat in our neighborhood and Sun for a larger expat community.)  But, we did not miss out!  Like last year in Rome (I don't know how to link to old posts so go back to Oct 2010 and check it out) we had our own door to door trick or treat at the apartment in Jerusalem.  I think it was even better this year with haunted maze, scary hunchback, creepy yoga, and spooky fortunes!

Frank as the Hunchback of (Univ of) Notre Dame

The whole gang:
Hunchback, faceless person, Chris Everett impersonator
Good/Evil girl, Black Mail, Ukrainian girl, Pants Monster, Archaeologist
While we missed all the trick-or-treating in Almaty we did not miss all the Halloween fun.  Our friends had a Halloween party the next weekend which we made it to.  I dressed as a Canadian, Emily dressed as a Diva girl, and Marcy was a 50s girl (Olivia went to the soccer dance at school.)  I only got one photo - Marcy and her friend Jordan both had 50s theme costumes.

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