Friday, November 11, 2011

Dead Sea

A favorite stop for all but Marcy - a float in the Dead Sea!  The salt levels are so high that any little cut or abrasion on your skin burns pretty badly.  Marcy felt like her whole body was burning so she kept having to get out and rinse off in the showers.  But, it was truly an amazing experience.  You literally can't make yourself sink and the water forces you up as soon as you lift your feet.  Everything just above the water level is crusted with salt crystals.  There wasn't much mud where we were - that would have been fun as well.  And best of all - the water was warm!

A boat out on the Dead Sea - 
a very rare sight according to our guide

Salt encrusted rock on the shoreline


I would love to go back some day and spend a day at one of the nice resorts on the sea.  Maybe slather myself in the mineral rich mud and see if the health benefits of the Dead Sea are true!

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