Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Central Asia Soccer Classic

This season AIS decided to allow 11 year olds to participate in the school soccer league which meant Emily could finally legally play on the JV soccer team (she filled in twice illegally last year.)  As it turned out 9 girls signed up for the JV team - two 11 year olds and  seven 12 year olds - and no other schools were fielding a JV team.  So, they offered us a spot in the varsity league (I was coaching.)  Despite the fact that we were playing against high school teams we finished 3rd (out of 4 teams) and never lost by more than one goal.  Which brings us to this past weekend.  The school hosted a tournament with five schools, 3 from Almaty, 1 from Astana and 1 from Tashkent.  Six girls, including Emily, from the JV team got asked to play on the combined AIS team.  Way to go young girls!!  AIS placed 2nd after a heart-breaking championship game.  But, we had great weather, Emily got lots of playing time (and I wasn't coaching this time), and it was really a fun, busy weekend.

Starting squad - can you guess which one is Emily?

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