Friday, November 11, 2011

Ein Gedi Oasis

I was most surprised by the landscape of Israel.  I guess it can best be described as rugged desert.  There is not much greenery and alot of rocky hills and canyons.  Here are a few views:

There are natural springs scattered throughout the country and are the only reason that Jerusalem was able to thrive.  We got to visit one of the natural springs called Ein Gedi - or Goat Spring - named after the ibex (goats) that thrive in the area.  We took a short hike in to get to the spring and spotted some ibex and hyrax, a rodent-type animal that lives in the area.  You can see that even the hike in is still pretty "brown".

We arrive at the upper spring where the water is cool
and there is a cool.....


The Everetts brought a Nerf football and Frank and Chris played catch.
Our guide said definitely a first that he knew of!

This was definitely another popular stop for the kids.  They would have liked to stay and explore for alot longer but the reserve was closing.

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