Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Swimming Fun with Friends

On our overnight stay in Calgary we invited friends to visit with us at the hotel. The girls had a very LOUD party at the swimming pool. I think we were lucky not to be kicked out of the hotel since they could be heard all the way in the lobby. Emily had a bunch of old Fury soccer friends come over. It was like a mini-reunion since not all the girls are playing together now.
Marcy had a couple of soccer friends come as well. They were a much more subdued little bunch but Marcy was very excited to see them.

Olivia had some friends from school come over as well but 13 year olds are not very receptive to taking photos while hanging out at the pool. I enjoyed the company of many of the parents for the evening while Frank lamented being stuck in Frankfurt due to flight delays. Madeline spent the evening with her friend Pam from school. Pam met us at the airport and we didn't see Madeline again until it was time to drive to Kimberley the next day.

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