Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dancing Queen take the trophy

Two seasons ago Frank started a fantasy football league with the sole intention of getting our children interested in football (and with the added benefit that maybe they would want to watch football with him.)  We got the Rehagens on board and added Mimi and Wowa to round out the league.  Year one Mimi, owner of the Ball Carriers, took first place.  Here's the trophy:
This year Olivia, owner of the Dancing Queen team, won the trophy after beating Chris in the championship game.  We had an official handover after Christmas:

The whole "get the kids interested in football" thing has worked pretty well.  Emily now LOVES Drew Brees, Olivia pays attention to her team every week, and Marcy recognizes some team and player names.  (Madeline has a team but did nothing with it the past two years.  Mark will inherit her team next season.)  They still don't really like to watch football but if one of their players is on they'll pay attention for a little while.

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