Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ho Ho Ho

Northstar Mountain Village hosted a visit with Santa for all the kids staying at the complex on Christmas Eve. While the rest of us went to Lake Louise for the day, Frank and Pop-Pop took Marcy and Emily to the party. We haven't had Santa pictures in a couple of years - a sure sign of how old the kids are getting.

Another sure sign of how old the kids are getting is the fact that Emily wouldn't even sit on Santa's lap. Too cool for that!
Santa also showed up on the slopes with his team of sled dogs. I guess sometimes the reindeer need a break. So, after a couple years of no Santa photos, Marcy got two this year. Good thing since there probably won't be many more.

Santa also showed up at Panorama ski resort while we were there. I tried to get Olivia and her friends to pose with him but they absolutely refused. Even after I begged. The Santa photo era is nearly over. How sad!

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