Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Skiing Fun with Friends

We did lots of skiing with friends this Christmas. Unfortunately, I didn't bring my camera along after the first couple of days out. It was just too bulky in my coat and too cold on my fingers. So, I only got photos of Olivia and her friends

Olivia and Mirabelle at Kimberley

Olivia, Jaydene and Mirabelle at Panorama

Olivia, Jaydene and Mirabelle in the giant chair at Panorama.

(I love this photo. They all look so tiny!)

Wish I had taken my camera on the other days as well now that I'm finally posting pictures. Thanks to the Everetts, Lairds, and Agnews for coming out and enjoying the slopes with us. Send me your photos if you have any and I'll post them here!

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