Saturday, December 4, 2010

Moscow Zoo

Frank had to work on Fri while we were in Moscow for the weekend so the girls and I had to come up with something to do on our own. We decided, despite the cold, to go to the zoo. I figured that a zoo in that climate must have plenty of indoor venues. We were pretty resilient at the start despite the 14F temperature. Here are the girls at the start of our visit with the Japanese Macaques. These monkeys don't mind the weather and we were okay at this point:

Later we saw some polar bears who also don't mind the weather but you can see that the girls are a bit more frozen at this point. We didn't even really stop to watch the polar bears who were playing and jumping around. We were in pursuit of the next indoor spot!

Here are the indoor photos. Much more enjoyable! We spent alot of time watching the elephants, especially the baby. We stuck around long enough to see them get fed. One elephant was very greedy and swept big pile of food to his own spot with his trunk. The baby elephant spent alot of time eating the middle of a loaf of bread and leaving the crust behind, just like kids would do.

We spent the longest time inside with the orangutans, especially this little guy who sat by the glass the entire time with a big one we decided was the grandma. He especially liked Marcy's gloves - if she put them up to the glass he would try to bite at them. I could have watched him for a long time. In this photo he was blowing his lips against the glass, again, just like a kid.

One more stop inside was the Africa area. They had meerkats and zebras and giraffes and ostriches and antelope and warthogs. Despite the smell we preferred to be inside. Olivia says her coat still smells like the zoo!

We went back to the hotel for a swim in the much overheated fitness area of the hotel. It was a great way to warm up!

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