Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Concerts

We attended the traditional school Christmas concerts this year for all three girls. Unfortunately they were all separate concerts for a total of about 5 hours of listening pleasure. Marcy's came first. Below is the entire 8 year olds class (equivalent of grade 3):

And here is Marcy. (Ask me sometime about that boy Muhammed standing behind her.)

Emily's concert followed closely after (both held in the school music room.) Here is the entire 10 year old class (equivalent of grade 5):

Emily sang with her class and also sang Rudolph in Spanish with her Spanish class, thus the reindeer ears below. She and her friend Kaitlyn were the only ones to don the antlers!
Emily also played the recorder with two students from another class. This was supposed to be a solo since she was the only one to volunteer but these older students decided to play as well at the last minute. I think Emily was disappointed and she made sure we knew that the other two messed up on part of the song.
Olivia's concert was on a Sat evening off campus and lasted 2+ hours. Olivia was not very excited about attending but I think she had fun because we couldn't get her to leave a bit early to beat the traffic out of the parking lot. It was a mini holiday variety show but Olivia just performed with her 13 year olds class and Spanish class.

Working at the school I know how many teachers had to pitch in to put the concerts together. There are only 2 music teachers for the whole school. The language teachers all put together their own acts and classroom teachers gave up lots of time for practice schedules. I wonder if they do a Spring concert also??

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