Saturday, December 4, 2010

God Bless America

Considering where we are it's amazing to see so many American restaurants, hotels, and stores. Today the tour guide was explaining how Stalin had seven "towers" built in the city to create a more interesting skyline. Two were built as hotels - the Ukraine Hotel and the Lenin-something Hotel. They are still hotels but are now a Radisson and a Hilton. There is also an amusement park at Gorky Park. One of the rides is a US Space Shuttle. It's just not what I expected.

While we were here the girls and Frank decided to have McDonald's for dinner. (I generally pass on McDonald's except for stealing french fries.) It was the craziest McDonald's I have ever been in. It was packed with long lines for food and people standing around with trays waiting for a place to sit down. Once again, unbelieveable. The Russians have certainly embraced American fast food. Couldn't resist a photo of the Russian McDonald's:
Had to get a photo of Olivia eating McDonald's. Last year she saw the movie Super Size Me and refused to eat fast food again. She has held to it pretty well unless given no other options. But, having been fast food deprived, without a single US outlet available in Almaty, she has been craving Wendy's. She settled for McDonald's and enjoyed every bite:

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