Sunday, December 12, 2010

Enbek FC

After much searching around we found Emily a soccer team to play with. She is now the only girl member of Enbek FC (and the only girl member of the league that we can tell so far.) The team is a local club and she's playing with 10-11 year olds. Enbek is the Kazakh word for "work", not sure how that applies as a team name. She is hanging tough with the boys - about middle of the pack skill-wise but does really well in game play. She'll definitely improve playing with them. And this is no wimpy league. They practice indoors right now but the -15C (5F) temperatures this morning did not keep the off the fields for a game. Here are couple pics from the game before my camera froze (just kidding - ran out of batteries!)

Emily's only problem right now is the fact that the coaches speak Russian only. Luckily 2-3 boys speak English and Russian and one in particular (a Korean who speaks English as his THIRD language) makes sure that Emily knows what is going on. And Emily is picking up quite a bit of Russian on her own.

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