Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Superhero for a day

It was superhero day at Clearwater Academy today so Marcy dressed up as Star Woman - her made up superhero to go with her made up costume. Many kids came in Spiderman, Batman, and Superman costumes (even the girls) but since we have no boys we had to improvise. We found the Wonder Woman shirt at the Gap but the rest came from stuff around the house. She wore Madeline's silver cheer spankies over black leggings and we made a cape out of a red velvet skirt and we made arm bands and a headband out of aluminum foil.

Her cape is flying behind her in this photo because Emily is hiding behind the tree holding it up - very authentic, huh?? She had alot of fun and even went to Kumon dressed as Star Woman. Not sure how they got anything done at school but there are only 2 weeks left so maybe that's not a big concern!

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