Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Harriet the Hamburger

All the grade 4 classes at Webber put on a production of Harry/Harriet the Hamburger which follows the hamburger through the digestive system. Emily's class is lead by Mr Sprau who is particularly creative. Her play included an appearance by Elvis, a group dance to "Single Ladies", and Jimmy Buffett's "Cheeseburger in Paradise" as the theme song. The play was very funny with parts like Tiffany Tongue, surfer girl Erin Esophagus, Indiana Duodenum (modeled after Indiana Jones), Peyton Pancreas (in the style of Mission: Impossible), and Gloria Gallbladder (played by a boy!)

Emily got to play the part of Harriet the Hamburger for the 1st half of the play. The part was split to spread out the lines a bit. In the second half she played Betty Bladder, who wasn't on stage for long because she "really had to go!"

Here's Harriet the Hamburger about to enter the mouth and meet all the teeth characters:

Mr Sprau says he will give us a DVD. I'll put it up on YouTube for all to watch!

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