Thursday, June 10, 2010

Blast from the past #2

For some reason this year I was determined to celebrate Chinese New Year. Of course we celebrated when we lived in Singapore with parties and school holidays, etc. We were in Dallas for the Feb "Family Day" long weekend so I decided to host a party. I found all my old decorations from Singapore and invited the family and the Schwarzs over for food and a traditional lion dance (put on by Emily, Anna, Marcy and Brian.)

Here is the adult dining area (I even had Tiger beer!)
And here is the kid's dining area. We had pork riblets, egg rolls, bok choy (or something like that, I can't remember), cashew chicken, fried rice, and pork buns. Wowa and I (with help from Mimi, Sarah and Pop Pop) made everything except the pork buns. I bought fancy chop sticks for everyone as a party favor. Everyone enjoyed the food and the mark of a good party, we had just a tiny bit of leftovers.

Emily and Anna watched lion dance videos on YouTube and came up with their own dance with Marcy and Brian as the musicians. At the end the audience fed oranges to the lion which is good luck.
At the end of the night I handed out red envelopes to the kids which I had filled with varying amounts of money. It was a fun night overall and I got the Chinese New Year bug out of my system.

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