Sunday, June 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Olivia!

Olivia celebrated her 13th birthday on Friday. All she really wanted to do for her birthday was have her two good Irish dance friends over for a sleepover. It worked out perfectly that they were able to come over after the Irish dance BBQ. They got to hang out for the whole BBQ, come home and hang out some more, have caramel fudge brownies and ice cream, watch a movie and stay up too late.
Here's Olivia with 13 candles - it took a long time to light them all!

Olivia with her favorite friends, Jaydene and Mirabelle. She will miss them alot:

Olivia got her own WebCam for her birthday so if anyone wants to add her on Skype her ID is Olivia.Mount13. She waited to open presents until Sat with Mirabelle and Jaydene but on Friday we celebrated with a meal of her choice. At first she just wanted spaghetti buffet (with choices of sauces and mix-ins) but I told her I would make stromboli if she wanted. This is a Schwarz family favorite that she is always asking me to make but I never do. So, that was a treat!

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