Sunday, February 10, 2013

Playa del Carmen

Buy a condo already! - as Sharon Parker likes to say.  We flew down on Christmas Day and stayed to New Year's Eve.  This is the 3rd time we have been to Playa and still contemplating a purchase.  Gotta love the beach, especially when this is what the weather was like when we left Dallas:

Everyone else in Dallas may have been happy about a white Christmas but I was happy to leave it behind.  It was great to see the Parkers again - they are so much fun!  And it was great to have Frank along this year and not stay next door to bars with loud music playing until 4am.  We did all the traditional stuff like burying in the sand, looking for shells, eating lots of Mexican food, laying around.

Playing Disney HeadBandz

We also spent a great day on a catamaran arranged by the Parkers and a bunch of other Canadians thawing out in Mexico for Christmas.  Great fun!

Then the "El Faro Funk" set in.  The condo we were staying at had something awful going around and we caught it.  The Parkers were just getting over it when we arrived.  Emily got sick after the catamaran ride.  I thought it was seasickness until it hit me about 4 hours later and Madeline 2 hours after that.  What a miserable night.  You know it's bad when I wake up to the sound of vomiting and I'm running around with an empty trashcan and can't find the right person.  Marcy got it about 24 hours later and somehow Frank and Olivia escaped the wrath.  But, it was only about a 12 hour bug so that's good.  We'd still happily go back!

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