Sunday, February 10, 2013

Merry Christmas 2012

It was nice to be in Dallas more than a couple days before Christmas.  We didn't have to get a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree from the leftovers and I didn't have to do ALL the shopping online.  (But, I still did a majority of the shopping online.  Why go out if you don't have to?)

Our normal Christmas Eve with the whole Rehagen clan was interrupted by the flu.  So they stayed home in order to not infect our family before we headed to Mexico. After mass we had Pappasito's fajitas as usual but then we had Christmas gift exchange over Skype with the Rehagens and Batchelors and multiple computers.

Christmas morning was unusual since Mimi arrived before we woke up and we had to get Marcy out of bed!!  After opening presents we had to quickly put Christmas away before getting on our flight to Mexico so down came the tree and decorations and Christmas was over!

Cool TCU quilt from Wowa

Paper crowns from poppers courtesy of Mimi


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