Sunday, August 19, 2012

Officially a Horned Frog

We dropped Madeline off at TCU last week.  With a car load full of stuff I thought there was no way everything would fit in her room.  But, we lofted her bed (so nice those beds come with a kit now, no more home made, questionable safety loft beds) and with her dresser and desk beneath and a big built-in armoire she has plenty of space.  It was easier leaving her at college since at Hockaday I left her behind to go halfway around the world and not see her for 2-3 months at a time.  In fact we left her on Tues and I saw her again on Sun since I had to take her the books we ordered from Amazon.  And we'll see her again on Labor Day weekend when Grandma and Pop come for a visit.  And then we'll see her again for parents weekend at the end of Sept.  It's so nice that she stayed close to home and that we are actually living at home!

First day of college photo!

Outside of her new dorm, Colby

The loft setup

Bye Madeline!

The loft setup by Sunday's visit

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