Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Back to school 2012

Emily and Marcy had their first day of school today.  Marcy was a full-fledged new student at St Monica though she knows Leah Schwarz and John and several girls from preschool (but none of these in her class).  She was happy to have her new friend Allison in her class.  She's pretty confident about school and new social situations so she had no problem heading off.  Emily got lucky to have Anna in every single one of her class except PE.  What were the chances of that?  Plus, Sarah Schwarz is in several classes and other girls that she knew from her previous stint in 1st and 2nd grade.  Overall, both were happy with their day and very happy that homework only consisted of me filling out forms.  (They have heard homework horror stories and AIS certainly didn't prepare them for massive amounts.)

Happy (?) 4th and 7th grader on the way to school
(neither is very excited about uniforms again)

Olivia is the lucky last to head off to school.  She gets the extra long summer since classes don't begin until  next Mon.  She did have Soph orientation on Mon and Transfer Student orientation tomorrow but only for a couple hours so we don't count that.  Stay tuned for Olivia's first day of school next week.

Check out how much they've grown since they started school in 2010.  I never posted in 2011 - that was my "dry" period for blogging.

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